Chris Smith

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Phone: (423)714-6738

I was born in Dallas,TX in 1977, where I resided throughout most of my life, and moved to Morristown TN in 2016. My mother was a factory worker for AT&T and my father was a Paint Contractor. My parents were always supporting and encouraged me in my passions for art which has been apart of me from as young as i can remember. Sketching was my first love and up until 2016 it was my main creative outlet. However as a child I enjoyed sculpting figures out of tin foil as well as clay. Outside of having art class in 7th grade I received no specialised art schooling. My first attempt at painting was in November 2016 and was not attempted again until June 2017. In June 2017 I began painting again but with a frenzy. I've painted in numerous styles from Abstract, Impressionism, Cubism, and Expressionism. Some of my work has been compared in likeness to artists Van Gogh, Monet, Pollock, Picasso, and Bacon. To date I have created more than 65 paintings and hundreds of drawings with many more to come.

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