Bill Sturdivant

I grew up in Middlesboro, Ky and left there after high school graduation in 1965.  The U.S. Army made of me a Russian linguist during the Cold War and I helped to man one of those rumored listening posts.  In January, 2010 I returned to the Tri-State to buy a home in Tazewell, Tn.  I found and joined MAA in May, 2012.

In 1974 I took my bachelor's in Drawing and Painting at Georgia State Univ. in Atlanta.  My work career however was as a mainframe computer programmer/consultant.  In 2003 I took my retirement from the workplace, went to my basement 'studio' and began the arduous process of retraining the hand-eye-brain coordination to produce acceptable images.  The knowledge I had kept current but the dexterity was completely shot.  

In 2009 I took a second place ribbon in The Art of the Golden Generation juried show (sponsored by Kennesaw State Univ.) with a large charcoal and an Honorable Mention in the 2012 MAA juried show with an oil portrait of my daughter.  I'm scheduled for a large exhibit at the Morristown-Hamblen County Library in February/March, 2013.

The subjects I choose for myself are typically meditative and somehow symbolic of the particular area wherein I find myself.  In translating that place into an artwork I may choose any of a number of media and stylistic components.

While I'm quite competent in oils I'm primarily a draughtsman.  In that I follow a long tradition dating to the oldest of the prehistoric caves in France where there are no paintings but only drawings on the walls in Chavet Pont d'Arc some 35,000 years ago.  It seems that humans have always been artists.