Judy Luttrell

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Email: judyjudykay@gmail.com

Judy K. Luttrell was born in Flint, Michigan.  In 1976 she embarked upon a career in public schools, that ended in Morristown Hamblen High School East in 2012. Judy credits her true beginning as an artist to meeting Christina Fore in 2011 and joining her painting class. She has studied with Christina since then, experimenting with materials styles and subject matter where ever the fancy takes her. Having grown up on a farm and lived in rural places most of her life; Judy is drawn to recreate pastoral scenes and wildlife that can be found in a quieter more contemplative agrarian lifestyle.  Occasional foray into exotic, painting of birds and elephants when she needs a change of pace.

Arts bio by Judy's proud daughter, Meghan Luttrell Palmer

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