Patty Gracey- Treasurer

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Phone: 423-586-1244

"Craft is applied creativity. It's the process of turning the spark of an idea into something tangible and beautiful using your own hands, skills, aesthetic, and vision. …it's all a personal practice that's very fluid and intentional."
- Susannah Daly, founder and creative director, Renegade Craft fairs

"Craft is the universal language of the hand, a language that needs no words. It is a language steeped in the power of personal creativity and expression.
- Ivan Barnett, artist; director, Patina Gallery, Santa Fe

I am not a fine artist but love all types of art and aspire to be considered a craft artist. I have loved art and crafts since I was a young child. I remember sometimes getting restless and no toy or game would satisfy me; I wanted to make something. My parents fed this love by taking our family to museums and historic sites when traveling. My father had interests that regularly took him into "hobby shops" and he often would come home with kits or supplies for my sister and me to use to explore a new craft. I loved them all.
I continue to search out art museums everywhere I go. A high quality craft show brings joy to my heart! I have explored many different types of art and crafts on my own and through workshops and classes. I've been fortunate to have taken classes from internationally known leaders in art jewelry and paper crafts. I have taken metal jewelry classes at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg and at Art & Soul mixed media retreats in Hampton, Virginia, where I also took paper art workshops.
Most recently I have been enameling on metal to make jewelry pieces. I'm still in the learning process but am enjoying the results so far. I love color and enamel affords me the opportunity to make items with beautiful, shiny surfaces in a huge variety of colors.

I treasure the support and friendships I have found through being a member of the Morristown Art Association.

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