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Raymond Tolman grew up in the multicultural South Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico. A graduate of Rio Grande High School, education includes undergraduate work at Adams State College of Colorado and a Masters degree from the University of New Mexico. Mr. Tolman was a science teacher, first in Albuquerque and then in East Tennessee, Mr. Tolman and his family settled in East Tennessee where we built our own home. His favorite genre of art is symbolic southwestern landscapes done in oils, but spends a lot of time doing five by fives and Mayan hieroglyphics painted in acrylics. All of our paintings are framed with handmade frames. Art is one personal hobby but other interest includes river running, operating a small woodland farm, and writing. Books being prepared for publication or currently being published by the author include.
The Serpent Trilogy written in seventeen episodes The Serpent Trilogy tells a cautionary story to all of humanity based upon the Navajo belief in shape shifters known locally as skin walkers or serpents. A work of fiction, it highlights the story of three unlikely people who become history detectives. They use a combination of scientific logic and Native American wisdom to solve the ultimate problem facing humanity.
South Valley Stories Fifty-four stories illustrate personal experiences as a small boy growing up in the multicultural South Valley of Albuquerque, during the 1950's and early sixties. Experience Grandma Pricilla's theory's on "How to Prepare a Chicken" and "The Value of Hard Work" and learn the meanings of Spanish names in "What is in a Southwestern Name?" The reader can gain an understanding of the geology of New Mexico in the "The Rio Grande Rift Zone." and consider historical mysteries such as "Early Extinctions of New Mexico Megafauna" along with stories of Ancestral Puebloans in "Stories from Aztlan." Anyone who has an interest in Southwestern Culture will find these stories interesting and informative.
Feeding the Beast A fictional adult book, based upon real events, exposing corruption in local government. The story comes to a climax when a local detention agency is investigated after accusations of corruption and sexual abuse.
Southwestern Meanders Southwestern Meanders, a non-fiction work describing accounts of river expeditions run throughout the southwest. Running rivers changes a person outlook on life as well as the habits and skills. Success is a Journey Not a Destination The Geology and History of New Mexico An Illustrated time line, the geological story of the Rio Grande Rift Zone with descriptions of the ancient environments which produced the colorful layers of rocks and fossils present in New Mexico as well as historical events to the present

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