Steffunny Moon
Steffuny Moon


Phone: (828) 622-7146


Bio: Steffunny Moon resides in Hot Springs, NC upon a moutaintop in a quaint tiny house surrounded by all that nature offers and under the watchful eyes of the forest.

In the fall of 2017, she began visually expressing her love of trees and nature through painting with alcohol inks on ceramic tiles, spending several months learning and developing her own unique style. Steffunny has enjoyed many years of self expression through photography, gardening, pottery, drawing with pencil/charcoal, cooking, and body modifications but she felt an instant connection to alcohol inks. "They are much like me," she explains, "colorful, unique, and uncontrollable."

Steffunny is self-taught in most of her life experiences, but she is open to and encourages all forms of learning. Her future plans include expanding her artworks with acrylics, watercolors, and various organic materials.

Steffunny Athena Moon

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