Evan Sizemore

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Bio: my name is Evan Sizemore and I'm a young local artist of East Tennessee and I enjoy using oil and I enjoy drawing but I enjoy learning to use a variety of Mediums and Techniques from different artists and different people from around the region.i have also taken Local classes from which helps me with my creativity and Techniques.im inspired by my surroundings including the Smoky Mountains and other regions here and around the world and how we should help preserve and protect them and their beauty and wildlife,I'm also Inspired by my mother who helped motivate me to create and show my art all around and by my teachers and artists from the local area and from many other places from around including Carol Rouse,Jennifer-Stoneking Stewart,Jim Palmer and so on but im eager to keep Creating,keep Teaching,keep Learning and above all keep showing my works to everyone and letting them tell stories from it from their views and their minds as time goes on but art is my passion,it's my story,it's my life and I want to pass it on for the generations to come!so everyone out there get out there and let your creativity take charge!