Virginia Dell Lichac

Webbpages: none
Phone: 361-746-4544

I am a self-taught artist and have been making art all my life. Color, distortion, exaggeration, mystery, humor, and flamboyance dominate my work. Henri Matisse, French expressionist, has been a big influence in my artwork. Oils, acrylics, mixed media, fabric art and ceramics are all favorite artistic endeavors I pursue. I am a passionate jazz, blues and classical music enthusiast and always have tunes resonating through my studio while I create. My two cats, Delilah and Herbie join me there; they usually sleep through my sessions! I have sold much of my artwork through word of mouth and exhibits at art shows, restaurants and through private gallery showings. I was a member of an art guild in California for many years and then for several years in Texas. Since moving to Tennessee recently with my husband, I now look forward to joining the local art community through MAA!.

Art interest: To share my art with other artists, to see fellow artists’ work, and possibly learn new techniques to pursue and enjoy. Some of my art pieces are for sale to those that are interested.

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