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I'm thinking I will let the ad run for 2 months to keep it fresh . If you want to continue, you must tell me before that time and tell me how much longer it needs to run.

Posted 7/26/18 re-post 9/2/18

I have acquired many artist items from someone whose neighbor has died

I have Fredricks Canvases - some still in case- covered with plastic

They are 16"x20" and 18"x24"

These frames are made of Oak. They are strong and extremely well made They are 16x20 size They are unstained and unpainted.

W/N Liquin in 500ml size

This oil by Weber is good oil. They make the very popular Permalba Titanium White. Bob Ross hired them to produce his line of paint which is just Weber paint.

The prices vary according to what pigment is in it. e.g. Alizarin Crimson is like $24.00 while something like burnt siena is about $8.00

Ross colors: Cad yellow x2, Indian Yellow, Prussian Blue, Sap Green, Pthalo Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Titanium White x 2, Dark Siena, Van Dyke brown.

Weber colors: Pthalo Green. Ivory Black, Burnt Umber, Pthalo Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Siena, Bright Red, Titanium White

Jim Palmer - 4025 Peace Dr. 423-587-6609 or 423-748-6328

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