This page is to display recent Plain Air painting workshops

Dan invited anyone who would like to paint "en plein aire" to come to the MLK, Jr. park at 1 PM on Wednesday the 9th of Nov..
When I arrived Dan had been all over the park looking for a place and Cindy Trobaugh arrived about the time I did. Then Joe Moore came with camera to be followed by Peggy Brewer

Jim Palmer Cindy Trobaugh Dan Gibson Peggy Brewer Joe Moore

Plein Aire painting at Pete and Sammie Barile's new home

Several members gathered at the Barile's home at the invitation of Brynn Wolf at our August meeting.
Sammie had refreshments and wine which included Bree, Havarti, and Chedder cheezes.
We had an overcast sky for a while then nature decided to drop the rain. We went to the porch and feasted on Sammie's tasties.

Peggy Brewer's photos

Completed paintings of the plain air at the Barile home

Brynn Wolf's finished painting
Jim Palmer's painting

Plein Aire Painting Downtown on the Green

Members of MAA gathered on the Downtown Green to paint, sketch and enjoy fellowship.
The weather cooperated with a breeze. We met around 3PM and were finished by 5PM. Members were
Dan Gibson, Mike Everidge, Cosime Aryee, Cindy Trobaugh, Brynn Wolf, Peggy Brewer, Jim Palmer.

Plein Aire Painting at Fulton Hill on 5/4/2022

Five MAA members arrived at 2PM to participate in a plein Air painting group

While there is not much for the artists to paint, we attempted it anyway. The day was warm and the sun was bright, but the wind wanted to blow away our easels and watercolor boards.

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