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Meets at Rose Center,442 W.2nd N. Street, Morristown, TN 37814

" Artists in the local area are represented by MAA the ONLY organization for fine artists of two and three dimensional art "


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The program will be presented by a new member, Cosima Aryee.

It will be about abstract painting

Cosima says: "I suggest that we all join in for a member painting. I will bring a large canvas and paint. Each member will make a mark that represents their emotion.
Then after all have done their marks, we will try to bring it together for a cohesive painting. For even more fun, let's bring and share some wine!
I'm looking forward to finally joining you all and meeting everyone."

Challenge: For August, An old barn, house or shed.

To see photos of the previous meeting, Click here

A painting together

UPDATE: Change date and time- Wed. now to 4PM not 5PM and FREE

Artist of the month

This month we celebrate Kathy Frankford

To see her work click here

Who is the artist?

What artist painted desert scenes and flowers in a sensual style

Ans: Georgia O'keeffe

Who was the famous arist who once poured paint from a height and let it be blown by a jet engine onto a canvas?

Answer ? ________________________

When an artist paint a preliminary base of mostly grey, what is this style called?

Answer: __________________________

The previous artist was Paul Cezanne

Monet cole Picasso hopper vermeer homer

If you want to see the name of the artist in one of these painting that have been in recent months, you can click on the painting and open it in a new tab. Look at the address bar, it will have the name there.

Art Happening at the Morristown-Hamblen Library

You must be a member to show in the Library: To see a list of members go to "members" at the top of this page or click here

Dec.'22 and Jan. '23

Members' show

Feb. and Mar. '22

Lois Crabtree Armstrong
Jim Hodge
Deidre McAdams
Cindy Trobaugh

Apr. and May '22

Sita Loop
Jared Blackburn
Jim Palmer
Peggy Brewer
Mike Sandlock

Jun. and Jul. '22

Ramond Tolman
Sita Loop

Aug. and Sep '22

Kathy Frankford

Oct. and Nov. '22

Monica Byington

Dec. '22 and Jan '23

Members' show

Plein Aire Painting Downtown on the Green

Members of MAA gathered on the Downtown Green to paint, sketch and enjoy fellowship.
The weather cooperated with a breeze. We met around 3PM and were finished by 5PM. Members were
Dan Gibson, Mike Everidge, Cosime Aryee, Cindy Trobaugh, Brynn Wolf, Peggy Brewer, Jim Palmer.

Plein Aire Painting at Fulton Hill on 5/4/2022

Five MAA members arrived at 2PM to participate in a plein Air painting group

While there is not much for the artists to paint, we attempted it anyway. The day was warm and the sun was bright, but the wind wanted to blow away our easels and watercolor boards.

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