Voting is now accepted. The deadline will be Jan 15th 2021.

Here is the Members' show art for 2020 -2021 online

listing to follow when available

After Dec. 31, 2019 when voting ended. This is 2019 winners..

First Chizuru WarnerNative American37 pt:six x 5pt:Two x 3 pt.:one x 1 pt.
SecondJim PalmerIndia Creek20 pt:two x 5pt:three x 3 x 1 pt.
Third Brynn WolfThe Rill19 pt:two x 5pt:two x 3 x 1 pt.

There were 16 pieces, 1 per person. 16 People entered. 16 people voted

The following people got 14 points: Dan Gibson

The following people got 13 points: Kathy Frankford

The following people got 12 points: Frances Maynard

We had two "family" votes

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